Swarovski Element Crystal Baroque Style Bracelets

J6090-16 Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Leaf Bracelet in Velvet Box Size = chain approximately 18" crystal Baroque style 16mm Swarovski STRASS crystal is characterized by razor-sharp cutting of facets, prismatic brilliance and lead content in excess of 30 percent. An invisible coating on the crystal makes it easier to clean. Each individual Swarovski STRASS cut-crystal item (over 12 mm diameter) carries a special laser-engraved signature that guarantees the quality of the original. This is indelibly etched into every STRASS crystal. Cutting and polishing are done by machine to achieve perfect optical clarity. In Colours Clear, Ruby Red, Aquamarine, Rose

Swarovski Element Crystal Collection

These beautiful Sterling Silver Bracelets with five Baroque style Swarovski Element Crystal charms attached can be bought in the colours shown above

please choose your colour below when ordering.

The Bracelets are:

7.5" or 19.5cm in length

The Swarovski Element Crystals are attached along the 925 Sterling Silver Chain length and are

16mm long at £22.50



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